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J. Ryan Wright, Founder

In 2009, I was hurt while in Iraq, nothing cool, just a leg injury. Well, when I got back, I was put onto pills and I started drinking heavily. After my Medical Discharge, my wife gave me a year, and my kids hated me. They had every right too. Their goal was to turn 18 and cuss me out as they left.

But then, in February 2013, I started smoking pot, went back to church, gave up pills and alcohol. 9 years later, I graduated college summa cum laude. I have a great job. More importantly, my wife is still with me, and when my kids turned 18, I actually got hugged.

God and Marijuana gave me my life back, and made it worth living again.

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That One Place (T.O.P.) - Billings

(July 4th Grand Opening)

5055 Jellison Road, Bldg. 5

Billings, MT 59101


For Deliveries Text: (406) 840-4842 (4 THC)


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